Quantum Paradox

  Dalmata Daniel continue their work with the 7th release in the main flow, and this time they assigned the new experiment to the Teslasonic lab. In this research, Teslasonic examined the case of ’Quantum Paradox’ with the help of another well-known scientist : The Hacker. The code name of the project is DD007, in … More Quantum Paradox

New remix by Teslasonic

Composite Profuse – Unalaska Ice Files I like to present to you my brand new remix for my friend Valerio Lombardozzi aka Composite Profuse it will be released by Shipwrec, there will be also a remix from Rob Witsch aka The Exaltics…. Welcome back Composite Profuse with “Unalaska Ice Files” you can’t miss it check the sound here