Teslasonic – Conscious Machine

Teslasonic – Conscious Machine

from “Trame Due” Compilation (cat. MR031) MINIMALROME



Polysick – Laguna

Iron Blu – Ylem

Teslasonic* – Conscious Machine

Phalangius – Elite Galaxy

Lo-Lo – Ubik

Heinrich Dressel – Der Greifer

Nursiø – Murder on Paestrum St.

Alessandro Parisi – Dungeon R16

Alessandro Adriani – Blood Runs Down

C-34 – Sanitarium

David Kristian – Electric Empire

Ian Martin – Roark

Stefano Rocchi – Sospeso

Sonobe – Daydream

Fabrizio Lapiana – Lost in Negative Thoughts

Lamanna* & Breaking Wood – Tristesse

Key Clef – No Body

Cassandra – Bran Creak Hotel



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