“Suburban Tales 2” FU.ME
⚡️Teslasonic – 1989⚡️

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Suburban Tales 1 was born as a VA dedicated to push local talents: it was our intimate dedication to Milan, the city which raised us, made us know each other, forged our sound.

Before this worldwide emergency we were already planning the sequel, but this peculiar situation drove us to extend it both to Italian and international friends and affiliates: The ExalticsDmitry Distant & NorwellBass JunkieHeinrich Dressel / Composite ProfuseTeslasonicPablo Diskko & Rise Black, SF ADVNTR aka Foreign Sequence & Jauzas the ShiningLake Haze, Sprawl aka Andrea BenedettiUnconsciousMOKEN, Antonio Barbetta aka Raw Ambassador, Davide PirasJoao Ceser, Sebastian Muravchik aka Lucio , Tha HaterparisiDVS NME & Faceless MindKan3da, Kosmik, FAUNA53 aka AsymmetricalFUTURE BLONDESAIC – Andromeda in Catene, Aden Melvin aka Dreadful Activist, Violet Poison and Raffaele Capone aka Institute of Soul Research.

A powerful project dedicated to finance the “Fondo San Giuseppe”, a fund instituted by Comune di Milano, to support the people who lost their job during this struggle which sees Milan as one of the cities that had been hit most by the virus.

We will devolve the entire revenue to this association.


Mastered at Spectrum Mastering & Vinyl:
a huge hug to Francesco Brini who donated his contribution for this cause

Artwork by: BUFER

Communication assistant: Giuseppe Pappalardo

DJ Vietnam and Giorgio Georgek Catalano are honored and glad to have received the total effort from their FU.ME crew and supporters such as AIC – Andromeda in CateneLorenzo Nari and Giovanni Benvenuto.

Meanwhile BAR05 is still in the sales top 10 of Clone.nl, and it makes me happy in this sad situation,you have shown me so much love…I want to say thank you very much to all.
I have another news

Mechatronica AID EP is out now!
A compilation with my track “AMPHIBIAN 606” in a very good company.

listen to the beat

Check the entire compilation here:






Line-up /

▶ Legowelt Music live
▶ Heinrich Dressel (live)
▶ Teslasonic (live)
▶ Dave Grave
▶ Kobol Electronics

The Rome based record label Minimal Rome is turning 15 and for this occasion they’re visiting BAR with a very special label nigh


Dalmata Daniel continue their work with the 7th release in the main flow, and this time they assigned the new experiment to the Teslasonic lab. In this research, Teslasonic examined the case of ’Quantum Paradox’ with the help of another well-known scientist : The Hacker. The code name of the project is DD007, in which Teslasonic, a citizen of the world, has invented certain new and useful tracks. These tracks are not just sounds, they also create visions, because while we’re listening to ‘Quantum Paradox’ and ‘Aether’, we feel the energy of the melody, and in our minds, we travel with them through space and time to discover new things. Furthermore, through Blitz Ciphers’ and Unified Field Theory’s dark and raw electro sound, we find ourselves in the cold and sterile laboratory of the spaceship, where the miracle is born and science is cultivated. However, thanks to The Hacker, we get a new viewpoint, as in his remix, he re-examines the main theme and at the same time he invents something different – a perfect echo of the original ’Quantum Paradox’.