Born as a collective project, a lab of sounds, images and words inspired by the Serbian genius, Teslasonic is the electrical side project of Gianluca Bertasi (aka Feedback) co-founder with Heinrich Dressel of MinimalRome. They often join the laboratory togheter to create sounds and atmospheres included in some of the past and recent Teslasonic’s tracks.


Gianluca Bertasi is also known as

Feedback or FDBK 

started mixing vinyls in ’95 being part of the Hard Raptus Project radio show. (R.O.R. 87.9FM in Rome from ’94 to ’98). In the following years he started producing music and collaborating with Heinrich Dressel, Kobol Electronics and Dave Grave, and together with them he founded MinimalRome, a collective and electronic music label. He released many tracks (besides the latest Walk The Line ep) included in several VVAA compilations on MinimalRome and related labels like Kombination Research(UK), Cratesavers International (US), Automatik Datadamatik(GER), Minimum Syndicat(FR), Fundamental Records (ES) and the Italian labels Truckstop 76th, The-Zone, Analogic Density. Thanks to these releases, he collaborated over the years with many artists like The Advent, The Hacker, JTC, Rude 66, Mick Wills and many others. In the last few years he played live (with Banda Banetti as well) in many clubs all over Europe, besides the MinimalRome monthly parties in Rome.
In 2014 his track “Goleador” was included in the soundtrack of “La foresta di ghiaccio” a movie by Claudio Noce.




In groups: Banda Banetti or Roma Minimale