URBI ET ORBI 4 (MinimalRome)

MinimalRome is back with 6 tracks compilation “Urbi et Orbi Vol. 4”

The MinimalRome “Urbi et Orbi” franchise debuts in 2006, juxtaposing Rome-based producers to others around the globe (“urbi et orbi” can be translated as “to the city and to the world”) featuring — in time, amongst others — Legowelt, Rude 66, Mick Wills, Andrea Benedetti, Ra-X, Polysick, The Exaltics. This fourth chapter delivers a vinyl EP compilation with monster electro tracks by Teslasonic, Plant43, Cosmic Force and Microthol, plus a couple of synthorama joints by Heinrich Dressel and Sonobe.

Master by Andrea merlini
Artwork by Dave Grave
Distro by clone.nl clone.nl/item61875.html
A1 Teslasonic – Cyber Flow
A2 Plant43 – Breaks the Surface
A3 Heinrich Dressel – Ombre et Lumière

B1 Cosmic Force – Deny Evil’s Existence
B2 Microthol – More Detections
B3 Sonobe – Another Frame


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